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We’re thrilled to announce that Smart Tek has obtained an Odoo V14 Functional Certification. This certification means that our team is an Odoo Certified Partner as well as certified experts in Odoo 14.

Benefits of Odoo ERP system

Odoo is the #1 open-source integrated business apps suite that fully automates the business processes: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.

Smart Tek is an official Odoo partner in the USA. Our company supports companies by introducing and implementing Odoo ERP via offering integration and support to customize all the business operations. Our engineers also guide internal teams through the release process, helping our clients to optimize infrastructure and applications.

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What does Odoo 14 offer?

The version 14 of Odoo is a planned upgrade with several new modules and improved features. Compared to the previous version Odoo 13, Odoo 14 enhancements are the following:

  • Saves team member time and ensures cross-app integration
  • A new javascript framework Owl increases the speed of Odoo and websites that are built in Odoo
  • Website builder helps craft beautiful websites with Odoo and lets you customize the structure of the website, layout, and add different features: steps, price list, timeline, and more
  • Creating spreadsheets straight from Odoo, filling in the data and editing it
  • Gives thrust, saving memory and space
  • More security and result-oriented

Overall, the Odoo update gives a better experience to employees. We cannot disagree with Odoo’s motto: amazing employees deserve amazing software.

Having succeeded with the Odoo upgrade, our teams can now deliver even better solutions for your business. Feel free to contact us to make the first step towards your business growth.

Ivan Nordgaimer
Ivan Nordgaimer CBDO, Managing Partner at SmartTek Solutions