Dedicated Development Team Service

We provide our clients with a dedicated software development team based on the skills required for projects on AR/VR, Odoo, and more.

We search for the best candidates to satisfy your demands, ranging from proper project management to unique software solutions. Even though a dedicated development team works autonomously, it communicates as you command.

Dedicated Development Team Service

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AR/VR App Developers

Build a team of developers outsourcing dedicated team that designs and develops immersive solutionsfor numerous industries, including Real Estate, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail.

Full Stack Developers

We help you find experienced engineers who work on both the client-side and server-side of the software application, lessening your endeavors to hire several professionals to handle different functionalities.

IoT Developers

We can find IoT developers with strong technical skills and deep knowledge of different IoT-friendly programming languages to provide your business with smart solutions.

Mobile App Developers

Hire a dedicated mobile development team with the necessary skills, including Android development, iOS development, and cross-platform development, to place your company at the top of the business competition.

Cloud Developers

Work with cloud computing experts who have a solid understanding of GCP, Azure, and AWS to design unique applications and platforms to provide your company with the most advanced services.

DevOps Engineers

Hire developers outsourcing dedicated team of engineers with mastery in combining code, application maintenance, and application management to boost predictability and efficiency and quickly scale your business.

How to Hire Our Dedicated Software Development Team


Get in Touch

Whenever you gather the right tools for the job, you show how you appreciate doing things right. We reflect your dedication and propose a highly personalized approach toward your end goals. Just share your project idea and get expert assistance for your future dedicated development right now!


Choose Best of the Best

As soon as we get the request for a dedicated team, our HR department assesses potential applicants. They analyze their tech experiences, expert knowledge, English level, and soft skills to select the best-fit employee for a final interview with the client.


Now, It’s Your Turn

At this stage, our customers can interview the candidates to define whether these applicants meet their communication and technical skills expectations.


Shape the Team

Once the candidates have passed all selection steps, it’s time to hire them to join a development team. Hence, our clients can manage their teams, regulate the development progress, and modify the project scope.


Time to Get Started

When all preparations and project estimations are finished, our developers start working on your project. Thus, a well-organized process guarantees quality, quick delivery, and a professional approach.
In case you need your project estimation, feel free to contact us for free consultation.

Benefits of Working
With Us

Cost-Effective Solutions

It takes money to hire all professionals required for your project. It is more expensive to provide them with proper housing and equipment. With our dedicated development approach, you don’t spend that money. Smart Tek provides cost-effective options based on your demands and frees your valuable time.

Meeting the Deadlines

As a prominent organization with diverse departments, Smart Tek knows how to organize time appropriately. Our teams deliver on-time solutions for your business with prudent time use. After all, we are always searching for valuable ways to improve our efficiency, so proper time management helps us become better for you.

Transparent Communication

Dedicated teams are usually associated with a popular stereotype about poor cooperation, but we break this stigma with well-established client communication. We organize efficient conversation that fits your values and needs based on your culture, business specificities, individual preferences, and communication style.

Your Opinion Comes First

We perceive our customers’ vision as a reference point for our dedicated development. In flexible and inclusive working environment, we appreciate each client, motivating them to share all ideas and doubts. This highly personalized approach enables us to search for top-talent engineers and comply with your business requirements.

Hear From Our Clients

SmartTek Solutions consistently meets the requirements and delivers high-quality work. They’ve improved the client’s day-to-day operations by customizing effective, time-saving solutions. Despite challenging circumstances, they continue to dedicate a timely, reliable team.

Wojciech Betyna
Wojciech Betyna
Systems & IT Manager, Bluesky Solutions Ltd

They’ve provided great communication and support throughout our R&D process. SmartTek has been communicated well throughout the project. They’re great partners and they continue to support the project.

John Whalan
CEO, Black Ice, LLC

Smart Tek SaS, LLC has provided us with an awesome experience, so far. The responsive team keeps to its timelines and deliverables. They’re eager to serve our needs and the functionality that they build works.

Daniel Langsten
Daniel Langsten
CEO, Wholesale Cabinets

The product impressed users and was delivered in time for the neighborhood launch party. The team overcame last-minute issues to meet the timeline, problem-solving and working late nights. They made use of emerging technology platforms like GET Lab to ensure smooth project management.

Joshua Young
CEO, Reflective Brands

Their team has been accommodating with everything from meeting times to budget needs. They’re genuine AR experts and it’s reflected in how well they were able to push the existing limits of AR technology to develop the app.

Jennifer Kapsch
Jennifer Kapsch
Founder, United Spirit Games
Yevhenii Komar
Head of Business Development

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