You need reliable software to run your business. It’s not even a discussion. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in or what your goals are. 

According to Statista, the software market is expected to reach $659.00 billion by the end of 2023, of which $271.80 billion will come from enterprise software. In addition, experts predict that the enterprise software market will grow at a CAGR of 5.42%. This means that the amount should reach USD 858.10 billion by 2028. Impressive indeed. 

Who will develop software for your company? Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing the cheapest development. Don’t do this if you want to avoid problems at various stages of cooperation, as well as after the project approval. 

These tips will help you choose the right software development company. Let’s get to the point.

Define your requirements and budget

We recommend that you start by defining your requirements and project budget. First, describe in detail what and how the software must do. This will help you understand the scope of the project, what features are essential, and what the final product should do. A well-defined set of requirements reduces the risk of miscommunication between you and your chosen vendor. As a result, developers can ensure that the quality of the final product meets your expectations.

Now let’s talk about budgeting. Find a middle ground. Of course, we do not recommend overpaying. But you shouldn’t cut corners either. This often leads to unpleasant consequences. 

Set a clear budget. This will encourage an open dialogue about what is achievable, and help avoid scope creep and unexpected costs. With a defined budget, you can easily compare proposals. Make sure you get competitive and fair prices for services.

Types of software requirements
Types of software requirements

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Company’s Technical Expertise and Domain Experience

Once you’ve specified your needs and budget, move on to a review of companies’ proposals. You should first pay attention to the developer’s technical expertise and domain experience.

Developers with technical expertise can:

  • solve complex problems successfully;
  • offer robust and scalable solutions;
  • implement best practices;
  • use modern protocols;
  • contribute faster turnaround times and better project speed;
  • provide innovative and high-quality decisions.

Deep industry understanding ensures the software complies with regulatory standards. A developer with domain experience can provide strategic insights. And you will get a competitive advantage in the market.

SmartTek Solutions industry expertise

The perfect image of the importance of domain experience is a logistics company that needs freight forwarding software. A trusted software development company will have insight into real-time inventory tracking. Experts understand international shipping regulations, route optimization, and integrating IoT for fleet management. Their experience allows them to offer proven solutions. 

Experienced developers anticipate common pitfalls and incorporate features that provide a competitive edge, such as predictive analytics for demand forecasting.

Portfolio and Client Testimonials

A company’s portfolio is a window into its past projects. It showcases the breadth and depth of a company’s experience. By examining a portfolio, you can assess a few things.

  • The types of technologies, frameworks, and methodologies a company is proficient with.
  • The scale and complexity of problems the company has addressed.
  • The design prowess and user experience considerations were made in previous projects.

What could be better for selection than real customer testimonials? Feedback provides a narrative of trust and effectiveness from a third-party perspective. By analyzing reviews, you can understand how well the company met deadlines, budgets, and project scope. Testimonials shed light on the nature of client-vendor interactions. 

Success stories build trust. Read negative reviews carefully. They will help you understand the shortcomings of a particular contractor that may be critical to your project.

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Quality of Communication & Collaboration

Technical expertise and experience are vital. That’s true. However, the quality of collaboration is equally paramount. Effective communication can make or break a project, dictating its flow and outcome. So, let’s consider the ins and outs of this indicator. What do you get along with good touch?

  • Confidence that your needs are fully comprehended.
  • Aligning the product with your vision.
  • Quick adaptation to changes.
  • Collaborative problem-solving.
  • Transparent approach to sharing progress reports.
  • Ability to monitor progress and provide input when necessary.
  • Support and maintenance. 

These soft skills are essential complements to technical abilities. A company with a proven record of strong communication is more likely to deliver a product that meets your needs.

Importance of developers team communication
Good communication within a team allows for the better exchange of ideas, execution of projects, and cooperation amongst team members.

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Security and Intellectual Property

It would be disrespectful if you went through thick and thin and found out someone else used your software. That’s right, we’re talking about intellectual property. Ensure you are the only one with the rights to the product. Companies have to adhere to global data protection laws. 

In addition, the developer must be sufficiently competent in security matters. Be sure to ask experts whether the payment gateways are encrypted or the platform is resistant to hacker attacks. It is especially important when you order software that will work with confidential data of your customers (credit cards, bank accounts, etc.).

Q&A and Product Maintenance

It goes without saying that you want to get a high-quality product without bugs, gaps, or technical issues. Think about it before you say goodbye to your partner. Authoritative developers use reliable QA protocols that aim to:

  • catch errors early in the development process;
  • perform regular and thorough testing;
  • decrease crashes and issues for end-users;
  • ensure that products are ready for launch without delays.

Let’s say you ordered a healthcare application. It should help in handling patient records and appointments. QA for the app would test for usability as well as for compliance with healthcare regulations like HIPAA, data accuracy, and interoperability with other medical systems. After deployment, the app will require ongoing maintenance. It must be adapted to new healthcare policies.

Summing Up

Let’s sum it all up. Choosing the right software development company requires a thoughtful approach. First, define your project with a clear vision and specific goals. Scrutinize potential developers for their technical insight through their work history. Focus on their experience to ensure they understand the nuances of your market. 

Finally, the right partner should not only build the software, but also maintain and evolve it after deployment, reflecting a commitment to long-term service.

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Volodymyr Fedorychak
Volodymyr Fedorychak Head of Marketing at SmartTek Solutions