Real estate companies are constantly in search of new technological innovations to stay ahead of competitors on the one hand and to improve customers’ experience on the other. One of the most groundbreaking developments in recent years is integrating augmented reality into the industry. 

Agencies using AR for property marketing have observed an increase in conversion rates by up to 40%. AR can reduce the cost of physical staging by up to 97%. Isn’t it worth your attention? In this article, we are talking about how innovative augmented reality technology can be used in real estate marketing. So, let’s dive in. 

Building and Interior Visualization

Augmented reality for interior visualization

Integrating AR into real estate marketing, particularly for building and interior visualization, brings many transformative benefits. These benefits are reshaping the way real estate professionals and potential buyers interact with properties, even before they are built or toured. Let’s talk about what you and your clients can get.

  • Enhanced visualization.
  • Interactive experience.
  • Time and cost efficiency.
  • Access to remote clients.
  • Improved decision-making.
  • Marketing innovation.
  • Customization and flexibility.
  • Enhanced communication.
  • Real-time updates.

AR provides a vivid, immersive view of properties. Potential buyers can explore 3D models of buildings and interiors through their devices, offering a much clearer understanding of the property than traditional 2D blueprints and images.

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Location-based AR

Location-based AR mobile app example

Imagine walking along the street and spotting your potential dream home. You need details about it right now. And you can get the information immediately. 

With location-based AR in real estate, discovering facts about the property becomes a breeze. Just by pointing your smartphone’s camera at the house, an AR app can display its rental price, size, and more right on your screen. Technology integrates real-time data, overlaying relevant information onto the physical world, making property exploration engaging and informative.

For real estate agents, this AR tool is revolutionary. It streamlines advertising, replacing physical signs with digital information. Clients can access detailed property insights instantly. The app also includes a direct link to contact the agent, facilitating immediate action and communication.

AR Property Tours

Augmented reality property tours for customers

One more example. Let’s say you have a potential buyer who lives far enough from the house he is interested in. 

With AR, you can offer him the best solution possible. Using your AR app on his smartphone, the customer can explore a property from his home. The app creates a virtual representation of the property, allowing him to walk through each room as if he were there. He views the interiors 360 degrees, changes decor settings, and visualizes potential renovations. Isn’t it great?

This AR tour has become a powerful marketing tool for the real estate company. It enables clients to experience properties without physical constraints. The immersive experience also helps buyers make informed decisions more efficiently.

Property Listing in AR

With AR technology, prospects can scan listings on their devices to view 3D virtual models of properties. This experience provides interactive exploration. Clients can visualize the space in detail and better understand the property’s layout and potential. By incorporating AR, the agency provides a more engaging and informative viewing experience, setting listings apart in a competitive market.

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Architectural Moqups

AR moqups for real estate sellers

AR technology allows developers and architects to create interactive 3D models of their projects, which can be superimposed onto real-world landscapes. AR mockups engage clients more deeply by offering an immersive experience beyond traditional 2D renderings or blueprints. Buyers can virtually walk around and interact with the mockup, gaining a better appreciation of the architectural features and design nuances. 

AR mockups reduce the need for expensive physical models and streamline the revision process, as changes can be made quickly and viewed instantly. It leads to more efficient project development cycles and improved communication between architects, marketers, and clients.

Renovation Project Visualization

This tool allows clients to visualize changes before physical work begins, such as changing wall colors, updating flooring, or rearranging furniture. Clients can experiment with different options and see the results in real time, tailored to the actual dimensions and structure of the property. This approach reduces uncertainty and helps align renovations with customer expectations.

AR visualisation for renovation project

Give Potential Buyers a More Engaging Experience

Let’s sum everything up. Augmented reality significantly enhances real estate marketing by offering potential buyers an immersive experience. Technology allows users to visualize properties comprehensively. 

AR helps bridge the gap between imagination and reality by providing an interactive view of a property. It aids in better decision-making and adds excitement to the property viewing experience. As the real estate industry evolves, this immersive technology stands out as a powerful tool, reshaping how properties are marketed and making buying and selling real estate more efficient, enjoyable, and effective.

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Volodymyr Fedorychak
Volodymyr Fedorychak Head of Marketing at SmartTek Solutions