Traditional presentation technologies, even with the addition of video and images, are becoming a thing of the past. Today, you need an innovative approach to stand out at your trade show or other event. Augmented Reality could be the secret weapon you need. It offers a unique opportunity to create memorable, immersive experiences that significantly increase attendee engagement.

How can Augmented Reality at trade shows and events benefit your business? How can you use the technology profitably and effectively? In this article, we answer these questions and look at real-world examples of augmented reality at trade shows and other events. 

As per recent data, by 2024 there will be an estimated 1.7 billion mobile augmented reality (AR) user devices worldwide, a rise of 1.5 billion from the 200 million seen in 2015.


Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in the Event Industry: Enhancing the Attendee Experience

In a nutshell, Augmented Reality delivers deeper engagement, longer dwell time, better retention, stronger connections with the audience, and higher sales. You’ll see the difference after your first event. With AR in your pocket, you get a host of benefits that enhance the attendee experience while delivering significant value to exhibitors.

  • Make your events more interactive and engaging.
  • Attract more visitors through innovative displays and interactions.
  • Keep attendees interested and engaged through interactive content and live demonstrations.
  • Change the traditional approach into a dynamic way to showcase your products.
  • Help your target audience visualize and understand complex features effortlessly.
  • Drive foot traffic to your event by offering unique and compelling reasons to visit your booth.
  • Personalize interactions based on the preferences and interests of each visitor.
  • Display more products and variations without the need for physical space.
  • Strengthen the reputation of your brand as an industry leader.
  • Gather real-time feedback from attendees through interactive features.
  • Analyze behavior patterns to understand better what attracts and holds customers’ attention.
AR for events and exhibitions

In fact, it is hard to overstate the importance of augmented reality for events, presentations, conferences, etc. As you can see, the number of benefits is significant. AR tools can improve almost every aspect of organizing and managing such events.

There are many other benefits associated with the very nature of the technology. For example, implementing augmented reality doesn’t cost a fortune. If you work with professionals, you can implement such a solution quickly and profitably. 

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Examples of Using Augmented Reality at Trade Shows and Conferences

It’s time to look at some specific cases of using augmented reality at trade shows. Various businesses have successfully used this innovative technology for a long time and achieved impressive results. Just imagine that you will be able to demonstrate your products and organize exhibitions anywhere and at any time. Yes, you got it correctly. 

You don’t have to use physical space because now you can present your items remotely. Isn’t that great? Let’s dive deeper!

Interactive 3D Models 

Give your audience a hands-on experience without the physical product. Distribute the 3D modules as widely as possible. Augmented reality makes this easy. With 3D demos, users get a clearer understanding of the product’s physical dimensions, design, and functionality. In addition, they can explore every angle and feature with a swipe or tap, or see various changes (color, size) in real time. 

Toyota used AR to add depth to product samples at trade shows, in this case three of their new trucks.

Ford was also one of the first to use AR for a presentation at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit:

Virtual Avatars

Would you like to have an assistant who, instead of you, conducts virtual tours, demonstrates important product features, and answers user questions? You can get this fantastic opportunity with augmented reality technology. Virtual avatars guide visitors through your booth and provide a futuristic touch to your customer service.

More Valuable Information 

Imagine a situation where you have a complicated tool in front of you, and you don’t know how to use it correctly. What will you do? You’ll surely find the manual and start reading them. Now, let’s change that. It will be much more pleasant and easier to use this tool if the necessary information is superimposed. Instead of boring text, you get a bright and clear visualization.

Overlay your displays with AR to provide instant additional details about your products or services. By scanning an item or exhibit with their mobile devices, attendees can access expanded information, from specifications to usage tips.

Using AR for additional product info

Gamification for Deeper Interaction

Not only children like to play games, but adults as well. You can use this to improve engagement with your target audience. AR-enabled gamification will have two positive effects on your trade shows: it will make the user experience more enjoyable and increase the time visitors spend at your booth.

Training and Education

It is hard not to agree that potential clients highly value training and educational presentations. Let’s look at an example. Imagine that your company sells cosmetics. You can create and share guides on choosing a shade of lipstick or foundation. Presentations about make-up, the features of applying powder or blush, or the care of bones or sponges will also be relevant to your target audience.

Augmented reality is here to help you. Use this powerful tool for training and educational purposes at your event. Conduct interactive sessions where participants can learn through doing rather than just listening or watching. Consequently, you’ll have better understanding and retention.

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Virtual Tours for Your Attendees

Last but not least, an example in our list is virtual tours. You can get one step closer to your audience, demonstrate the production process, or show the object remotely. It all depends on the specifics of your business. Allow attendees to take a virtual journey through places and processes otherwise inaccessible during the event. It is possible with AR. 

Agriculture machinery exhibition

Types of Events Where Augmented Reality Can Be Used

We have already mentioned the important advantage of augmented reality: versatility. The technology is fit for almost any field of business. You should definitely use AR tools if you plan to organize these types of events.

  • Trade shows and expos.
  • Conferences and seminars.
  • Corporate meetings.
  • Educational workshops.
  • Networking events.
  • Product launches.
  • Cultural festivals.
  • Art exhibitions.
  • Music concerts and festivals.
  • Sports events.
  • Charity and fundraising events.

Augmented reality involves various methods and techniques. Choose the ones that are best for your case. Incorporating AR enhances the attendee experience and provides unique, memorable interactions that distinguish an event from the competition.

Summing Up

Are you ready to harness the power of augmented reality to make your events stand out from the crowd? We are here to help. Contact us today for a detailed consultation and to answer any questions you may have. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform a traditional event space into an interactive, engaging environment.

Denys Pavlov
Denys Pavlov Head of Immersive (AR/VR) Department at SmartTek Solutions