Artificial intelligence technologies appeared decades ago, but the real wave of interest in this area came after the appearance of ChatGPT. It was this product that changed the way people interact with artificial intelligence and triggered the emergence of a large number of new mass products called “generative AI”.

If you are interested in the AI industry as a user, researcher, or developer, we have collected interesting AI-related statistics that you should know about in 2023.


1. In 2022, the global AI market was worth a total of about $120 billion. In 2021, it was only worth $87 billion. If growth trends continue, the market is expected to exceed $1.5 trillion by 2030.

Global AI market

2. The Automotive AI Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.2% between 2023 and 2030, due to the growing demand. — Market Research Update

3. It’s not all bad news: artificial intelligence could create 97 million jobs and generate $15.7 trillion for the economy by 2030 while eliminating mundane tasks and helping workers enjoy more creativity. — Zippia

4. Thanks to increased cross-industry AI adoption, it’s expected to have an annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030. — Grand View Research

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5. Investors are taking note of the NLP trend. In 2022, twelve companies in the NLP space, including Grammarly and Verbit, received VC funding of over $200 million. 

Leading companies in Natural Language Processing
6. Leading selected companies in Natural Language Processing in 2022, by funding (in million U.S. dollars) — Statista

7. The generative AI market is estimated to reach $22.12 billion by 2025. Overall, North America owns a 41% share of the generative AI market. — Precedence Research

8. In 2022, $5.38 billion was invested in AI in cybersecurity. The AI in cybersecurity market is forecast to reach $46.3 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 23.6%. — Statista

9. Over 80% of executives in the retail and consumer space expect their businesses to use AI automation by 2025. — Analytics Insight

10. 87% of organizations worldwide believe AI technologies will give them a competitive edge. — MITSloan

11. ChatGPT had 1 million users within the first five days of being available. — Yahoo Finance

12. An Accenture report forecasts that the manufacturing sector will reap the greatest financial benefit from AI adoption, with a gain of $3.8 trillion expected by 2035. – Accenture 

AI use cases
Most Popular AI Uses in 2023, source: Forbes

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13. Companies use AI for improved productivity (33% average improvement), cost savings (44% reported benefit), and competitive advantage (84% believe it can help gain/maintain edge).

14. In 2022, large-scale generative AI adoption was 23%. By 2025, large-scale adoption of AI is expected to reach 46%. — Statista

AI adoption growth

15. In January 2023, OpenAI was estimated to be worth $29 billion dollars, making it the 6th most valuable company in the United States. — Fortune

16. AI-enabled devices are everywhere. Nearly 77 percent of devices today use AI technology in one form or another. — Hackernoon

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Volodymyr Fedorychak
Volodymyr Fedorychak Head of Marketing at SmartTek Solutions