Artificial Intelligence has unique capabilities that seemed fantastic just a few years ago. Algorithms can recognize a voice, identify a person, detect errors, make recommendations, decipher emotions, etc. Artificial intelligence successfully performs various monotonous operations and processes large amounts of data. 

The usage of AI for mobile application development has taken this industry to a new level. Talk to Books answers user questions with quotes from books. Replika will keep the conversation going on topics you are interested in. Google AutoDraw turns primitive drawings into vibrant clip art. Isn’t it amazing?

The Benefits of AI-based Mobile Apps

More secure, more efficient, more functional… This is a brief description of mobile applications developed based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Companies that strive to go with the times actively use AI technologies (ML, DL, NLP). Let’s take a quick look at the key benefits of AI-based Mobile Apps.

  • Effective communication with the user. AI algorithms recognize moods and emotions, allowing you to offer the user what he needs right now.
  • Automation of routine tasks. Algorithms work with large amounts of data more efficiently, faster, and more accurately than humans do.
  • High level of security. Artificial intelligence decides on granting access to confidential data after identifying the owner’s identity.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence makes common tasks easier, saves time, and reduces financial costs. AI-enabled Mobile Apps are used in various business sectors, education, entertainment, etc.

8 Ways to Implement Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence technologies help mobile application developers improve their products, expand functionality of apps, and improve user experience. But there is more. By automating routine tasks the process of creating or upgrading applications is accelerated. You do not have to spend much time and resources on this. Let’s take a look at concrete examples of how artificial intelligence can be implemented in mobile application development.

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Speech Recognition Technology (Natural Language Processing)

NLP technology provides understanding and interpretation of human language. Voice assistants are built based on this technology. 

For example, Google Assistant transcribes the user’s speech, prepares voice responses, and can also tell a joke or entertain. The application processes voice commands. You can ask Google Assistant to turn on the kettle or TV if these devices are integrated into a system.

How AI voice and speech recognition works

Intelligent Chatbots

A few years ago, employees had to process incoming messages from customers. Today, AI-powered chatbots have taken over this role. Businesses are actively using this tool to improve user experience and streamline workflows. 

Chatbots can answer various questions and even provide medical advice. Intelligent tools do it instantly. Clients positively evaluate this level of service. What other reasons is it beneficial? Business owners don’t have to spend a lot of money maintaining a support department or a call center. They order the development of a chatbot, because it costs much less.

AI chatbot in mobile application

Image Recognition & Object Detection

Artificial intelligence has access to various databases, analyzes information extremely quickly, and produces results with high accuracy. Where can you use this AI feature?

  • Identification of the person.
  • Determining car license plates.
  • Diagnosis of diseases in the medical field.
  • Assessment of damage in the circumstance of an insured event.
  • Reformatting handwritten text into an electronic document.

This artificial intelligence technology is often used to develop applications related to facility security. For example, such a program can quickly and accurately identify a criminal who has broken into a bank.

Object detection and image recognition technology applications

Recommendation & Personalization Engine

Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, and many other programs have already experienced the benefits of using this AI technology. Moreover, it helped them earn millions of dollars. 

What is the point? The recommendation system has a simple principle of operation. The algorithm analyzes the user’s requests and interests and selects what he likes. You listen to your favorite music, and Spotify searches and offers you similar tracks. And you wonder how the program knows your preferences.

AI personalization engine examples
Image source: Breinify AI personalization platform

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Content Generation

Artificial intelligence has gone one step further. Now it not only analyzes information but also generates content. You can use AI to draw pictures or write texts, check grammar and spelling, etc.

Who will benefit from these AI features? First of all, applications with the content generating function can be used by marketers, writers, SMM managers, designers, copywriters, etc. Yes, we must admit that an AI program can’t replace a person completely. But we are definitely confident in its ability to save specialists’ time and effort.

AI content creation engine in mobile application

Digital Assistance

Siri, Amazon Alexa, or the previously mentioned Google Assistant can make the user’s life more effortless. They take upon themselves the performance of different tasks: searching the Internet for the necessary information, managing appliances in the house. 

Digital assistants are capable of not only receiving and recognizing voice commands but also issuing them too. An application with a virtual assistant can be used to manage staff on the trading floor. Today, large companies utilize such assistants to advise clients as well.

AI assistant in mobile app

Data Extraction

Get data about your real or potential customers from any source. Artificial intelligence analyzes bank checks, takes information from forms filled out by customers on the Internet, uses social networks, etc. If you have the right data about a client, you can offer him a product or service that he is really interested in.

Data extraction application example

Predictive Analytics

High-quality analytics is essential for the successful operation of any business. Artificial intelligence tools can make this easier. You can predict the behavior of your customers in the future by analyzing their past actions. AI does this quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, it produces the most reliable results that you can trust.

AI predictive analytics alghorytms


Artificial intelligence technologies significantly expand the capabilities of mobile application developers. Add new unique features to your products that will make you stand out from your competitors. Keep up with the times, and use the advantages of artificial intelligence for your business.

Make your programs smarter, more functional, more personalized, and more user-friendly, and you will definitely receive feedback in the form of an increase in the target audience and improve the reputation of your brand. If you are still not using AI in your mobile apps, today is the time to start. 

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Andrii Sydoruk
Andrii Sydoruk CEO, Managing Partner at SmartTek Solutions