Apple Vision Pro is a new Apple product introduced at WWDC 2023. It is an augmented reality headset that Apple calls a “spatial computer”. You no longer need a screen to interact with your device – you can control it and interact with its interface without any peripheral controllers.

In addition, the company presented a development platform based on currently known iOS development tools: ARKit, RealityKit and SwiftUI. The company claims that its new product will revolutionize virtual and augmented reality.

In our new article, you can learn how businesses can now use Apple Vision Pro for various needs and goals.

Apple Vision Pro: Quick Overview and Key Features

Apple Vision Pro is much more than an accessory. It is a new kind of computer that can replace TVs and monitors and process large amounts of data. It is important to note that the headset is not connected to an iPhone or Mac, as it is a completely independent device.

It has a three-dimensional interface that is controlled solely by your hands, eyes, and voice. You do not need any additional external controllers.

Apple promises that the new product will change the way people consume media. This is true – Vision Pro may indeed revolutionize content consumption.

Inside Apple Vision Pro - components and sensors
Image credit: Apple with edits by Steniel Bellan

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7 Use Cases of Apple Vision Pro for Businesses

Let us comprehend how companies can deploy Apple Vision to reach various business objectives.

Virtual Workplace Experience

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular, and Vision Pro allows employees to bring virtual interaction among team members to a qualitatively new level compared to other available tools.

That is equally interesting in the HR context. People who cannot be physically present at their workplaces can better understand their work environment, corporate culture, and their colleagues.

Product Demonstration

Augmented reality is a perfect tool allowing manufacturers to create interactive demonstrations of their product prototypes or future models even before their serial production starts.

Education and Training

Immersive technologies erase the boundaries between theoretical learning and practical application of the knowledge acquired. You can create realistic 3D models, simulate complex processes, initiate exciting interactive discussions, and hold presentations.

Apple Vision Pro allows those concerned to implement training scenarios of working in hazardous and harsh environments. The technology can help employees learn and develop professionally while avoiding real danger.

93% of teachers believe AR/VR would be helpful in the classroom, demonstrating strong support for immersive technologies in education.

Telemedicine & Healthcare Practice

Healthcare is among those essential industries where the benefits of using Apple Vision Pro are already evident. Taking advantage of exceptional video and image quality, doctors can provide advice, diagnose diseases, perform tests, and attend to patients in their treatment.

Apple Vision Pro in Telemedicine and Healthcare practice

Real Estate & Construction Visualizations

Companies conducting business in real estate can utilize Vision Pro to provide their customers with a realistic image of the future construction object to the slimmest details.

It can be a visualization of a projected building or apartment, a demonstration of various architectural planning options, an interior design project, or even furniture and home decor matching.

New marketing campaign levels

When people start using the gadget to consume content en masse, the respective advertising market will automatically appear. Formats peculiar to the AR world will complement the currently popular ones. For instance, you can try on bloggers’ clothes while watching their videos or experience a live tour of a hotel while resting in your room.

As advertisers see it, many will be eager to be the first in this niche. It will be a decent image-building investment for acclaimed brands.

Apple Vision Pro for Marketing

Retail & Shopping

The Virtual Try-on technology is nothing like new. However, Vision Pro offers advanced capabilities, allowing you to take the fitting process to a new level. Retailers can create virtual showrooms and offer potential customers an interestingly rich experience of interacting with products.

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Build from Scratch or Adapt an Existing App for Vision Pro?

AR/VR app developers are now at the same stage as mobile app developers were when the App Store opened in 2008. The app market for Vision Pro is still minuscule, but the audience is capable of paying. The growth potential is immense.

Specialists need time to adapt to the technical and visual requirements set by the visionOS. At the same time, Apple offers everything you need: the visionOS SDK (xrOS), related tools, and documentation to provide comprehensive technical support for developers.

There are two basic ways to create apps for Apple Vision Pro: developing from scratch or customizing an available iOS app. Of course, the former option will always be better, though it will cost more money and take more time. Consequently, the option of customizing the existing app is worth considering.

When customizing an iOS app to Vision Pro, many UI elements and app logic, like the backend, can be reused. This approach will save you time and, accordingly, budget.

Usability of Vision Pro headset

Final Words

Apple Vision Pro is a truly innovative product, and it is already clear that this gadget is not only aimed at end users, but can also be a promising tool for business needs. In this article, I have described some of its possible practical applications. 

However, the new technology has much more potential, and the direction is still in its infancy. For now, the high price of the device hinders its ubiquitous use and makes it a niche device. However, experience shows that price reduction is only a matter of time.

This is exactly the time to start thinking about potential business use cases for Vision Pro, and we can help you do just that. If you have any questions, contact us and let’s discuss the details!

Volodymyr Fedorychak
Volodymyr Fedorychak Head of Marketing at SmartTek Solutions