There are no clear-cut criteria, such as the number of employees, the amount of profit, or the volume of goods a company sells, that can be used to definitively state that the company needs to implement ERP.

However, based on our experience and guidelines from world-class business leaders, we can identify several clear signs that your company will benefit from implementing ERP.

1. You lack data to make decisions

If data comes in randomly, is outdated and unverified, is stored in different locations, and is difficult to access, the quality of your management decisions will suffer greatly.

The frequency of errors will increase, and this will inevitably affect your company’s profits and other operational aspects.

Helpdesk ticket analysis in Odoo ERP software
Helpdesk ticket analysis in Odoo ERP software
Lead Analysis in Odoo CRM module
Lead Analysis in Odoo CRM module

2. You use outdated tools

Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets are simple and convenient, but only at the beginning. As your business grows, its processes become more complex. Continuing to use such tools at this stage will inevitably lead to mistakes being made by the people working with them.

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3. You need structure and control

Freedom of action and flexibility play an important role, but within reasonable limits. In the long run, the systematic approach will prevail.

ERP implementation makes people work in a detailed, uniform format, following defined procedures and providing complete data on various processes. This approach is critical if you want to manage your business more efficiently and realize your business growth ambitions.

ERP for department integration in company

4. You use too many various software products

For example, your accounting department uses one system, warehouse workers use another, sales and HR managers use yet another, and so on.

If your company uses several separate systems, it cannot operate efficiently. And you are likely to end up with inaccurate or irrelevant data that hurts your business. Isolated and independent business systems add unnecessary complexity.

4. You do too much manual work

Think about all the time you spend on manual work, for example:

  • various data manual entry
  • data consistency verification
  • data duplexing to another system, etc.

An ERP system allows businesses to streamline and automate dull and routine tasks taking hours or even days if performed manually. It frees up valuable staff time you can direct to more relevant tasks.

Enterprise data management

6. You have problems accessing data

If your company’s executives or other employees have difficulty accessing data, the speed and accuracy of decision-making will suffer. Your business will be less efficient than it could be. In addition, you will not be able to get a holistic view of your entire business.

With an ERP system, you gain a critical advantage – real-time access to the data you need from anywhere, on any device with Internet access.

Employee card (work information) in Odoo
Employee card (work information) in Odoo

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7. Problems with scaling sales and customer care

If your company’s resource management is disorganized and decentralized, you may feel that you are not evolving, that you are standing still. This is true. When data about deals, existing customers, and potential customers is stored in different places, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the data and plan your company’s operations.

An ERP system implementation allows you to centralize all these processes, provides detailed analytics to management personnel, and ensures quick access to data for executive officials. These capabilities improve your customer service quality, increase customer loyalty, allow you to reveal weak points in your company’s operations, and provide growth opportunities.

Quotation in Odoo sales module

8. Your company responds to problems rather than averts them

If you discover problems at an advanced stage, it may be too late to fix them. They can result in wasted time, money, and resources. To be successful, companies need to be proactive and identify potential problems at an early stage. Software like ERP can help you do just that.

If the above signs apply to you, an ERP system can be the advantage your business needs for growth, flexibility, and efficient decision-making to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are looking for a reliable technology partner to implement a similar project in your company, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Ivan Nordgaimer
Ivan Nordgaimer CBDO, Managing Partner at SmartTek Solutions