PPE VR Training Simulator

A modular training platform that allows you to educate healthcare professionals and manage their educational progress. PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work.

PPE VR Training Simulator

Tech stack

Oculus VR SDK
Oculus Quest


PPE Training Simulator is intended to promote patient safety and improve the healthcare work environment’s safety through the advanced implementation of personal protective equipment (PPE) by healthcare workers.

Motion capture examines each movement of a trainee and helps the VR application determine the accuracy of the exercise performance.

We developed this technology to simplify the staff training process by incorporating VR to educate employees on three critical steps: hand washing (hand hygiene, hand scrubs), putting on (donning), and taking off (doffing) personal protective equipment (PPE).

3-step immersive training
that involves:



Hand hygiene is the first step of our PPE VR Training. It is based on CDC guidelines and provides washing hands with soap and water for at least 1 minute. The VR training contains 14 steps and helps clean hands precisely, mainly to wash such problem areas as between fingers or around nails. In addition, our simulator involves the usage of motion capture technology and gloves with controllers for very accurate hand recognition and the ability to provide users with a life-like experience. 



The next stage is PPE donning, which involves the correct performing of gowning and gloving. Our PPE VR simulator shows and then verifies in which order you perform putting on key personal protective equipment: isolation gown, NIOSH-approved N95 filtering facepiece respirator, face shield, and gloves. We understand that in many cases, donning and doffing the PPE requires up to 35 separate steps and assistance to ensure it’s appropriately done. However, we’re always open to customizing this VR simulator according to your needs.



Doffing is considered the last and most significant stage of PPE due to the high risks of contamination. There are several alternatives to removing and disposing of protective equipment to prevent skin, clothes, or membranes from infecting. PPE VR Simulator teaches HCW to don PPE in such order: gloves, face shield, gown, and respirator. The last step is to wash hands properly. This doffing approach is based on the CDC guides, but we’re ready to design this practice according to your internal procedure.

What are
the benefits?

For learners, VR makes accessing PPE training experiences simple. PPE VR Training Simulator is simple to set up and created for ease and safety of use. Students can go to the VR system and take part in the simulation whenever they need tutors’ assistance.

Healthcare organizations, both hospitals and educational institutions, can integrate simulation-based training into everyday practice. Hence, simulation can become a sustainable practice that may enhance not only learning activities but also working methods.

PPE VR Training Simulator allows making mistakes in a safe environment. That is why learners can gain essential experiences through deliberate practice to improve performance.

The safety, enjoy nature, and easy supervision of PPE VR Training Simulator encourages engagement and autonomous learning among medical practitioners, students, and volunteers.

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Why PPE Training Simulator
is suitable for you?

User management

You can add staff to moderate training and set aside responsibilities for each user. Additionally, you can create an account for each employee who will be trained, so you’re able to see the full training statistics of each person.

Full analytics

You can track the learning progress of each user. In particular, how much time is spent on exercises, which of them took the most time, what mistakes are made, etc.


You can issue quizzes in different forms for any content and transfer the entire training program to a virtual environment. It makes it more convenient and accessible to employees because they can study completely remotely.

Content management

You have every opportunity to add content – in the form of text, video, or image, as well as making quizzes to check the knowledge of employees.

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